Training and development

InHealth training and development opportunities

Making sure our people are happy at work is one of our main priorities at InHealth, which means giving them as many opportunities as we can to support their personal and professional growth. In 2018, we delivered 4,987 learning days (including online learning), which is an average of 3.5 days training per person. We are on track to deliver over 7,500 days, an average of 4.5 days training per person, in 2019!

As part of ‘The Deal’, we ask that staff actively shape and own their career progression plans, working with their managers to identify suitable development opportunities. In return, InHealth provides clear career paths for development and training for their future career.

We offer a range of different training and development opportunities, which you can read more about here.

Leadership and management training

  • Advanced Leadership Programme – this programme is available for our top talent and involves leadership simulation, Executive mentoring, bespoke modules and creation of development plans

  • Senior Leadership Programme – this programme is for our senior leaders, offering practical leadership simulations, stakeholder management and service development

  • Leadership Programme – available for our People Managers, this programme is about managing our customers and commercials, how to recruit effectively and the role of the InHealth Leader and Manager

  • Manager Level 3 Apprenticeship – we also support staff who want to achieve this certificate

  • Level 2 Management – Leader of Tomorrow and Edward Jenner Programme

All of our leadership and management training is underpinned by real-time management training support, including online training, podcasts, articles, HR Business Partner training sessions and both face-to-face and Microsoft Teams seminars.

Emerging Talent Programmes – training our MRI Radiographers of the future

Our unique Emerging Talent programme is available for Radiographers who are looking to specialise in MRI.

This programme gives you hands-on, clinical experience through an approved training programme with the largest provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions. With jobs available across the UK, we offer a competitive salary with generous flexible benefits.

Read more about the programme here: New look leaflet – Trainee Radiographer Programme

Clinical development

Our approach to learning and development spans all modalities and clinical leads, with pipeline programmes in Radiography, Sonography, Mammography, Audiology & Cardiac that develop trainees and apprentices.

We offer a range of specific programmes to develop clinical skills of existing professionals, delivered either in-house at InHealth or in partnership with other experts. These include Fundamental & Advanced MRI, Cardiac MRI, MSK Sonography, Conscious Sedation, Aural Microsuction, CPD in Cardiology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

We also offer opportunities for study in Advanced Practice and Advanced Clinical Practice.

Apprenticeship opportunities

We offer a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities at InHealth and we are also actively involved in developing new healthcare apprenticeship standards.

Apprenticeships are currently available in:

  • Finance (AAT, ACCA & CIMA)

  • HR

  • IT

  • Customer Service

  • Business & Medical Administration

  • Healthcare Support

  • Management (Level 2 & 3)

  • Nursing

  • Assistant Practitioner – Mammography

Clinical training

For all of our clinical roles, we offer a programme of mandatory training that includes:

  • Basic Life Support training (new digital option available!)

  • Advanced Life Support training

  • Immediate Life Support training

  • IV Cannulation courses

  • Safeguarding training

Insights Discovery

At InHealth, we work with our people to help them get the best from themselves and the teams they work with. We apply an approach called ‘Insights Discovery’ which is based on a 4-colour process and helps people to understand their own personal style and recognise others, to ultimately build better relationships at work, encourage more productive teams and be more self-aware about their preferences when it comes to interacting with people.

We know that to deliver the best possible services to our patients, we need happy and motivated people, so by using the Insights approach, we can better equip them to work well together in their specific areas. Insights is offered predominantly to people on our leadership programmes.